More than a mill,
a state of mind

There are several manufacturers on the market of stone mills, most of which are inspired by the work of the Astrié brothers.

The Moulins Lauzes carry, at the heart of their production, the following foundations:

• The women and men who define our paths

• Sustainability and quality

• Innovation

• Respect for raw materials (cereals) and processed materials (stainless steel and HDPE food used in the building of our mills)

moulins lauzes blé-aude
moulins-à-farine Astrié

The environment of the mill

“At the heart of transforming raw materials into quality flour.”

Durability and quality

The Astrié mill generates value and is a production tool designed to last for several generations.

The mill stones, depending on the intensity of use, can work for approximately one hundred years and can then be replaced. The materials and their design are intended to grant very long-life cycles and wear parts (motors, electrical boxes) are all chosen for their performance and their reliability.

To maintain its reliability and durability the mill must be carefully cleaned and maintained. Regular cleaning and maintenance is critical for the continued operation of the mill.

The mill environment

The mill and its sieving mechanism are part of a value chain for a food product whose other key elements are the storage and sorting of the grain and the packaging of flour.

The quality of the flour is optimized if the miller applies scrupulous sanitary rules to the entire facility. For good mechanical operation in all seasons the mill must be installed in a temperate room, sheltered from adverse weather conditions and pests as well as avoiding dust and condensation. Compliance with 15-16% grain moisture is a key element of the quality of the product.


Given the importance of fungal issues, cleaning is crucial. Our mills are developed to simplify the maintenance of:

• the cleaning of the sieving box,

• opening on both sides for access to the sieving cloth,

• the sieving box is surrounded by polyethylene in order to clean and disinfect when necessary without any absorption of the products used.


Everything in the mills is determined by various mechanical tunings which are subtle yet essential. The tunings are not definable nor measurable, yet they are crucial.

Moulins Lauzes maintains many Astrié mills made by different manufacturers. This has been a unique opportunity for us to gain insights into other manufactures philosophies, mechanical designs, manufacturing decisions and their implications for the quality of the flour.


The legacy of a philosophy

Philippe was trained by the Astrié brothers on all technical aspects of the mills and was also immersed into the philosophical questions regarding flour and bread.

“It’s an opportunity, today for bread, because everything has to be redone: the mills, the sieving system, the cleaning solution, the ovens. Relearn the art of the miller and that of the baker.”

André Astrié