slider-pains-bio Give meaning
to our diet
These traditional mills produce high quality flour. They retain the nutrients and minerals essential to our diet.
Slide Windmills exceptional At Moulins Lauzes we are craftsmen of stone-milling solutions who use reliable mechanics for customized use. Engagement-naturel Moulins Lauzes A sustainable development approach At Moulins Lauzes, we embrace the sustainable development approach: it is a natural commitment. Our mills are designed to be durable and fully repairable.

The Moulins Lauzes, craftsmen creating milling solutions

At Moulins Lauzes we create mills that display a combination of rigorous mechanics and a deep understanding about nutrition and the food we eat.


Our Values

“Respecting sustainable agriculture to give meaning to our diet”

Moulins Lauzes, is a dedicated team with a passion for excellence

Philippe and his team, Marie-Jordane, Stéphane, Nicolas and Jérémy are based in the Arnouzette area of Carcassonne (South of France).

The mills of Moulins Lauzes are made with an understanding of nutrition and a keen awareness of the process of milling that achieves the highest standards of nutrition.